Swim School

The Mountain Creek Swimming team is passionate about building water safety knowledge, confidence, and accurate swimming fundamentals.  The team has an accumulated professional knowledge committed to providing tried and tested swimming teaching methods. However, our aim is not just about teaching quality swimming. We also aim at teaching your little swimmer ‘grit’, resilience, patience, self awareness and skills that enhances their love of the water. We aim to support a water loving culture that progresses beyond the swimming pool. We want to give your family the gift of good water skills so you can enjoy all aquatic environments together. We want your little swimmer to grow into a confident, water loving, heathy young person who has formed friendships with other likeminded young people and their families

Parent Portal

Parent involvement is an important aspect to swimmer progression. Children love nothing more than hearing positive encouragement. We encourage parents to ask their teacher for feedback on their swimmer’s progression. To assist with this, parents can see their swimmer’s achievements ticked off in our portal. Through the portal, you will also have access to the Terms and Conditions, the direct debit, swimmer check in, and see other available lessons for make-ups.


Babies: Water acquaintance

Join our 3 to 6 month old FREE ‘tiny bubs’ water bonding program. The three levels in Water Acquaintance is introductory water association. This is the essential foundation of water confidence. Each of the three levels is wonderful bonding time with your baby where you are both learning the importance of water safety.

Beginner Swimmer

This is a transitional program where swimmers are developing their confidence without their parents in the water. You will see your swimmer will start to understand how to position their body independently to allow for arcuate kicking, floating and using ‘big arms’. This is a developmental stage of foundational swimming will enable stream-lined and efficient movement through the water in higher level swimming.

Stroke Development

Swimmers will enhance their stroke technique and commence preparing for squads and racing. They are introduced to squad drills, swim times, learn how to read and swim to the clock, and apply a clear understanding of each stoke requirement and swimming discipline.

Alite Edvantage is a Swim Australia registered Swim School with Austswim qualified teachers.