Aqua Aerobics

Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination in this low impact social form of exercise. Aqua Aerobics is perfect for using water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness. Our professional specialist Aqua instructor will guide you through your workout at your own ability and pace while keeping you motivated. You will utilse a variety of equipment such as dumb-bells, noodles and paddles to focus on areas of development.

Benefits of Aqua

This form of exercise has been known to assist in rehabilitation, injury prevention and recovery as it enable you to move and exercise without placing loaded stress on the body. Aqua is perfect for managing pain for back, shoulder, arthritis, knee, hip and chronic pain.

Invest in your health in October! All Aqua classes are $5.00 for the entire month of October. There is no need to book – Just turn up

After your workout, why not sit down for a catch up with your fellow aqua class members over a coffee.