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Squad Programs


Alite Edvantage specialises in delivering elite structured programs individually tailored to the specific needs of pool swimming, triathlon, and surf sports competition. We will train together with modified programs to ensure that you peak at your major (sport specific) competition.

The coaching team has over 20 years’ experience coaching elite age group competitors through to professional athletes. We aim to have all athletes peaking at their respective major competition. We incorporate periodised training with appropriate recovery sessions before commencing the next training cycle.

We understand the growing demands on your time. It is our belief that young people take a balanced approach – spending time with family, completing studies, creating memories with friends, participating in other sports, developing passions and engaging in hobbies. Therefore, we provide swimmers with more session options on more days, so they are able to engage in these other aspects of life.

Our experienced coaching team is committed to extracting the best possible performance from all athletes. Consultation, planning and goal setting underpin a performance-based program that is continually self-evaluating.

We believe in developing the person, not just the athlete. Setting up young adults for a brighter future.

Today's youth is tomorrow's future

Chargers Blue and Chargers Black (approx. ages 9 and up)

This squad is aimed at older primary students and early high school students.

The Chargers squads, are the next level up from the Stroke Development levels. The focus is developing stamina, discipline and refining technique through specific drills. Squad members are trained through general conditioning and enhancement of swimming knowledge of the four strokes.

Swimmers are engaged in competitive swimming – swim meets, nippers, open water and triathlons. Chargers are required to complete the following times before progressing into the Junior Squad.

Requirements for progression to Junior Squad: 16 x 50 (60) & 4 x 100IM (2.30)

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The Junior program is focused on developing young swimmers into a higher level of competitive athletes.

Swimmers are required to undertake increased training volume as they set competitive goals for their respective sports. These swimmers are chasing selection in junior representative teams.

This squad continues to advance aerobic and anaerobic conditioning with a continued strong focus on the technique of all four strokes . Swimmers will have a thorough understanding of the link between training and competitive performance.

Requirements for progression to Senior Squad: 16 x 100 (1.30) & 4 x 200IM (3.30)

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The Senior squad targets elite performance and representative honours. Training will be based on specific requirements for athletes to achieve peak performance at major national and international events.

A support network of external professionals (physio, nutrition, gym) has been established for athletes to further develop their overall preparation and recovery.

Dryland work at the pool is an aspect of the program.

To meet these requirements, swimmers are required to nominate the sessions they intend to train.

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