At Mountain Creek Swimming, it is our mission to cater for all levels of swimmers by creating a program that specifically targets your chosen sport. Competition Swimmers, Triathletes and Surf Sports competitors will benefit from training together whilst having programs modified (sport specific) to target peak performances at your particular major event.

We encourage young people to take a holistic and balanced approach to school, work, sports, friends, hobbies and passions. It is for this reason that squad members have a large range and flexibility to attend sessions- mornings and afternoons (expect Saturday afternoon and Sunday). This enables parents and young people to structure the swimming week around other commitments. 

Training is conducted off time cycles, with swimmers allocated lanes that are dependent on ability to achieve set cycles. Age appropriate programming is also a consideration with the Head Coach holding discretion to implement the best possible outcomes for all athletes. At all times, clear communication between coaches, athletes and parents are encouraged.

Chargers Blue and Chargers Black (approx. ages 9 and up)

This squad is aimed at older primary students and early high school students. The Chargers squads, are the next level up from the Stroke Development levels. The focus is developing stamina, discipline and refining technique through specific drills. Squad members are trained through general conditioning and enhancement of swimming knowledge of the four strokes. Swimmers are engaged in competitive swimming – swim meets, nippers, open water and triathlons. Chargers are be required to complete the following session before progressing into the Junior Squad.

16 x 50 (60)

4 x 100 IM (2.30)


The Junior program is focused on developing young swimmers into a higher level of competitive athlete. Swimmers are required to undertake increased training volume as they set competitive goals for their respective sports. These swimmers are chasing selection in junior representative teams. This squad continues to advance aerobic and anaerobic conditioning with a continued strong focus on the four strokes . Swimmers will have a thorough understanding of the link between training and competitive performance.

Requirements for progression to Senior Squad;

16 x 100 (1.30)

4 x 200 IM (3.30)


The Senior squad targets elite performance and representative honours. Training will be based on specific requirements for athletes to achieve peak performance at major national and international events. A support network of external professionals (physio, nutrition, gym) has been established for athletes to further develop their overall preparation and recovery. Dryland work at the pool is an aspect of the program. To meet these requirements, swimmers are required to nominate the sessions they intend to train.